My December 2022 TBR

Well here we are at the last month of the year. I still have so many books that I want to read this year! But alas I am running out of time, so many books, so little time. But I am closing in on my GoodReads challenge. I only have 17 more book to read to make it this year. I still won’t match last year’s challenge of 200 books, but I am okay with that. I read a lot of good books this year and many of them were long ones.

I did pretty well with my November TBR, there is only one book on the list that I haven’t read. Things just kept coming up and it got put down the list as the month went along. I have started it though, so I hope to get it done this week. But enough about last month, let’s take a look at the books I am planning on reading in December.

ARC’s I need to read

The Superteacher Project is a middle grade book, written by a favorite author of mine and my students. I am really looking forward to this one as his books are often a really fun read.

I was totally going to give Everyone in my Family Has Killed Someone a chance based on that title alone, but then I read the summary and was totally hooked. I hope I won’t be disappointed.

I am really excited that I was able to score an ARC for Finlay Donovan Jumps the Gun. I have really enjoyed this series and can’t wait to see the trouble Finlay gets herself into this time.

Exiles sounds pretty good. I love reading stories set in Australia. Even though this is the third in a series, like most mystery series, it can be read as a standalone. If I like it well enough I can read the first two later.

What else will I read?

I have enjoyed many of A.G. Howard’s books in the past, so I am looking forward to liking Shades of Rust and Ruin as well. I love that it has a steampunk fairytale feel to it.

I have been seeing Belladonna all over many of the blogs that I follow and you all seemed to enjoy it, so I am going to give this one a try as well.

The Kiss Curse was just sitting on a shelf looking lonely at the library the last time I was there, so I decided to take it home with me. I liked the first book, though not the audiobook narrator so much. I hope I will like this one more reading it on my own.

I was planning on reading Charm over the Thanksgiving break, but alas it was not meant to be. So now I have set my sights on Winter break, to get this one done. I am really looking forward to reading all about that lost time when Grace and Hudson were trapped.

So for those of you keeping track, that is only eight of the 17 books I need to read this month. I’m not sure yet what other books I will read, but I like to keep some options open. I have a couple on my radar that I still haven’t read that came out this year that I hope to pick up soon. I’m not too worried, but I do have some short ones up my sleeve if I get desperate.

Happy Reading!


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