Monthly Wrap Up – December 2019

I debated about doing a monthly wrap up as I will be posting a yearly wrap up tomorrow, but I read so many good books this month that I just wanted to share them with you one more time.

I read a total of 14 books this month and two novellas.

I don’t think I could pick a favorite this month, most of them were so excellent. My least favorite though was Once and Future. It really just didn’t do much for me. I do highly recommend No Exit and Ninth House. The Wicked King was also pretty good and I am currently enjoying The Queen of Nothing.

I have been on an Iron Druid kick lately. I listened to Tricked and so enjoyed the narrator, Luke Daniels, that I have decided that I was going to go with the audiobooks for the rest of the series. If you enjoy audio books and funny urban fantasies then I suggest you pick these up. I also read a couple of short stories in this world. I have been trying to read not only the books in order, but the short stories and the novellas as well. If you want to read them in that order then visit the How To Read Me website. They do a pretty good job of summarizing series and getting them in the correct order, especially when there are short stories and novellas involved.

I hope your December was just as good as mine. What was your favorite book this month?

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  1. Awesome wrap-up!! I had a bunch of favorites this month.. which I am now realizing are ALL horror… haha!
    100 Word Horrors: Book 4: An Anthology of Horror Drabbles by Kevin J. Kennedy
    Collected Christmas Horror Shorts by Kevin J. Kennedy
    Dead Meat: Day 3 by Nick Clausen
    The Horror Collection: Purple Edition by Kevin J. Kennedy
    Night Shift by Robin Triggs
    Slash by Hunter Shea

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