Monthly Wrap-up – April 2020

Well this was certainly an interesting month. Even though I thought I was reading a lot of books, when I did the count it was pretty close to my usual. Oh well! It was a good month, I read a total of 15 books and for the most part they were pretty good. Like last month I am going to list them in the order that I read them.

  • The Bone Thief was such a good ending to this series.
  • The Princess Beard had me laughing so hard I almost couldn’t stop.
  • Good Omens was also just as funny as I remember it.
  • Network Effect, my favorite AI, Murderbot is back in it’s first full length book. Loved it!
  • Granted is a very sweet look at wishes and the fairies that grant them.

Overall a very enjoyable reading month. Lots of good reads! How was your reading last month?

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