Year End Freak Out 2022!

How Many Books did I read this year?

Well, it was a bit hard this year to hit my goal, but in my defense I read a lot of long books this year. I was hoping to get closer to 200 like I did last year, but alas it was not meant to be. Maybe next year. I still have two more days, so my number will go up by one or two books, but I don’t expect any huge surprises, so I think I am safe in posting this today.

Best Books I read in the last six months:

All of these were five star reads for me, and all for different reasons.

Best Sequel I Read in the Last Six Months:

I could have named several of the books from the first prompt, but in the interest of not using the same books for every prompt… These were all excellent books in their own rights and very good sequels as well.

New Releases I Haven’t Read Yet:

I did pretty good this year in reading new releases, so I didn’t have much to choose from. These four are the ones I most regret not reading this year.

Most Anticipated Releases for 2023:

So many to choose from, but I think these are the ones I am most excited about reading in the first few months of 2023.

Biggest Disappointment from the last half of the year:

I’m not sure I would claim this as the biggest disappointment, but I certainly wanted more from this book.

Favorite New Authors from the last six months:

I couldn’t bring myself to choose just one, so here are four. Two are authors that are new to me, but two are debut authors and ones to watch.

Book That Made Me Happy:

I struggled with this one a bit, mostly because I didn’t want to repeat myself yet again, but then this one came to mind. I really enjoyed it and hope to pick up the next one in the series soon.

Goals for the future:

I only have a couple of goals for this coming year. I’m not big on setting goals as they tend to stress me out but I always have a couple in the back of my mind for reading so here they are:

  1. Read the books that I already own! I made a pretty good dent in this goal in 2022, but I still have a few more to go. I hope to get through these in 2023.
  2. My GoodReads goal will be 180 books again, I think, I am still debating. I know I will have more time the second half of the year, so I hope to have lots of reading time.

I hoped you enjoyed hearing about my last six months of reading in 2022. I have high hopes for this year’s reading. I hope you all have a great reading year!


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