February Wrap-Up

monthly wrap up

If any of you watched the US news a few weeks ago, you might have heard about Seattle and the surrounding areas getting more snow than we normally do.  It wasn’t as bad as the news made it out to be in the area I live in, but there were quite a few places hit worse than me.  Still it was more snow than we usually see and it created quite a mess.  We had a five extra days off from school to boot! And we had last week off, so lots of days in which I got to catch up on my reading.  Of  course I will probably hate it come the end of the school year, which will end five days later than normal. But it is what it is.

Overall I finished 16 books, though many of them were middle grade this month.  There really wasn’t a bad one in the bunch, but none that I fell madly in love with.  As I posted a few weeks ago, I’m trying to take a bit of a break from fantasy, so there aren’t as many books in that genre this month.   

Well on to what I read this month!

Middle Grade Books

I finished the Magisterium books this month and they were awesome!  I highly recommend them.  I’ve started a new middle grade series that one of my 5th grade teachers told me about.  Shadow House is a very creepy story with an interesting premise.  I’ve read two so far, and when I am done with all four I will do a series review.  Sal and Gabi was good start to a series.  It was funny as well as sad.  I really enjoyed A Monster Like Me and recommend it to those of you who like WonderThe Size of the Truth was also an excellent, but a bit of a quirky read.  My review for both of these should be up soon.  

Fantasy books

I have continued with the Discworld re-reads.  This month’s read, Guards! Guards!, was one of my favorites.  Realm of Ruins was a companion novel to one of my favorite reads of 2017.  DragonShadow was the second book of an interesting series based on Pride and Prejudice, but with dragons and other monsters. I have the reviews for those two written but not posted yet.  Sometime in the next couple of weeks.  The Everlasting Rose was the second book of The Belles series.  It was a solid ending.  

Other Books

Immoral Code was a fun, pretty realistic heist story with some great characters.  The Last 8, was a very different mashup of alien invasion stories.  Defy the Stars was a re-read.  I wanted to read it again and the second book before the last one comes out in April.  Check Please! was a fun read, totally out of my normal type of read, being both a graphic novel and about sports.  The Toll was my last read of the month and it was  I will have my review of it up soon.  

What’s Up For Next Month?

Good Question!  I have finished my ARC’s for March all ready (truthfully I have one that I am in the middle of) so I will be working on the four that I have for April.

Geekerella was one of my favorite reads in 2017 so I can’t wait to read this one.  It sounds just as cute!

A creepy sounding mystery with some supernatural elements perhaps?  

A new middle grade book that sounds wonderful.  Unicorns seem to be the new thing in middle grade fantasy, but that is ok with me.  

This one doesn’t come out till the end of April, but it will be the first on my to read list.  I loved the first book Ace of Shades and can’t wait to see what happens.  

The rest of the month will be reading books that I own that I have wanted to read for awhile now.  But I am going to let my mood dictate which ones I tackle.  I have a bunch of books on hold at the library and I just know that they will all show up at once, which may but a wrench in my plans, but we will see.

I am also super excited that the next season of American Gods will be starting up on March 10th.  I will have to binge watch the first season and then the new one, which may eat into a little reading time, but that is fine by me.  I’m sure the second season will be just as good as the first if not better. 

I hope you all had good reading months and have great plans for March!  Happy reading!



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